The Highest-Paid And Most Demanded Professions And Careers Of 2020

Today’s society undergoes constant changes at dizzying rates. The biggest changes are found in the remuneration of the new professions that emerge with digitization. If you want to know which are the most demanded sectors and professions and the best salaries, don’t miss the highest-paid and most demanded professions and careers in 2020!

Data Analyst And Data Scientist

In 2019, professions specialized in Big Data topped all demand rankings by companies. This year it seems that the trend will continue exactly the same. The Data Analyst is in charge of participating in the analysis of the data of each department and establishing strategies based on the data collected. For this reason, many companies are betting on hiring one or two Data Analyst experts, whose salaries range from 50,000 to 80,000 euros gross per year.

Web Analyst And Expert In Web Analytics

Companies demand experts in Web analytics who are in charge of measuring and analyzing the audience and advertising data of a website. The objective of optimizing the positioning to turn each visit into a business opportunity. Typically, this position is filled by engineers, mathematicians, or statistics. His salary ranged from € 45,000 to € 68,000 per year. Become a specialist in data interpretation with our Web Analytics and Usability Master.

CRM Manager

The CRM Manager profile has taken a lot of prominence in recent years. Fundamentally, it deals with defining and developing the CRM strategy in online commerce. Your goals may include customer experience in the multi-channel industry and improving loyalty. The CRM Manager must also include the optimization of the resources and tools necessary to develop better management programs for clients as well as better planning from the company’s eCommerce projects. Normally the average salary of a CRM Manager varies between 25,000 euros to 35,000 euros per year without taking into account experience.

Telecommunications engineering

Adepts of technology and science can enter this career with confidence, since according to statistics it is a line of work with excellent links in the market: 87.80%. In addition, graduates of this career enter the professional world with a salary of $ 2,188,499.

 Electronic engineering

Newly graduated electronic engineers, according to the Observatory, receive an average remuneration of $ 2,025,307, these university students show a labor link rate of 84.8%.

Production engineering

Production engineering is a discipline aimed at training professionals capable of, through specialized scientific knowledge, bringing production processes to their maximum effectiveness.

According to the report issued by the Observatory, this university program has a work relationship rate of 85.6% and an average down payment salary of $ 2,016,092.

Bacteriology and clinical laboratory

It is a professional career that, according to statistics, offers a high rate of engagement in the labor market (93%) and an estimated remuneration of $ 2,015,915.

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